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I’m a Harvard graduate who has worked for 17 years as a professional private tutor of SAT/ACT and College Admissions.

Over my career I have helped some 750 bright young people—all one-on-one—take their high school exams, compose their college entrance essays, and feel passionate about their futures.

I love my job and take pride in my work. I draw from the energy and positivity of diligent students just as they draw from my experience and enthusiasm for teaching. I keep in touch with students many years after instruction and am thrilled to see their success in university and beyond.

I always offer a free short consultation about the testing and admissions process.

I’ve been tutoring professionally since 2007, so many of my former students are now living full and productive adult lives. It’s humbling and rewarding to keep in touch and track their progress. Often I learn that they have finished advanced degrees and gone on to the rewarding careers. But what satisfies me most is seeing that they’ve found a healthy and happy balance as adults and that they look back fondly at our learning together.
In many instances I have instructed two, three, four, or even five siblings over the course of several years.



February 2024 Update: Many students prefer the new digital SAT!

Reading and Writing are combined into a single area. Long reading passages have been replaced with single-paragraph prompts that test comprehension, logical communication, vocabulary, and phrasing. 

The NoCalc and Calc Math (Sec3 and Sec4 of the classic SAT) are combined into a single area. The Desmos calculator is integrated into the new digital SAT and available throughout both Math sections.

This webinar below provides excellent details.

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