How to Find a Great SAT/ACT Tutor

One of the most important aspects of a college application is your standardized test score. Standardized test scores can help you not only gain admission to college, but can also help students get academic scholarships. If a student wants to improve their SAT score, then finding a great SAT tutor can help them achieve their standardized test goals. Here are some factors that you should consider when looking for an SAT tutor:

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Taking of Advantage of Local and Free Resources

Taking advantage of local resources first before expanding your SAT tutor search can be beneficial for students who are just beginning their standardized test prep. It also has the potential of being cost-effective. Local libraries often have SAT prep books that students can take out in order to complete practice questions and learn SAT test-taking methods. College Board, the institution that administers SAT tests, offer free resources, including test taking guides and free practice tests on their website that students can use. Libraries and students’ high school may also have free tutoring in subjects like reading and math as well as offer free SAT tutoring sessions. Research the offerings that your community centers, libraries, your town, and your high school may have in terms of tutoring and standardized test prep in order to take advantage of all SAT resources, as practice makes perfect.

A Tutor’s Education and Experience

When considering how to choose a tutor, it is important to consider what qualifications you want your tutor to have. A college student who excelled in their standardized test scores and has some experience tutoring may be a great, affordable option. Other options to consider are current or former teachers who have experience tailoring lessons and learning styles for individual students, or experienced SAT tutors with a college degree and a high track record for success.

Type of Tutoring

Another factor that students and parents should gauge when looking for an SAT tutor is knowing the type and focus of SAT/ACT test prep that the student needs. Some students may do well on the reading and writing sections, but struggle with the math portions of the test and vice versa. Instead of looking for a general SAT tutor, it might be more beneficial for that student to find a subject-focused SAT tutor instead. It is also important to take into consideration when researching SAT tutors the students’ learning style and if they prefer virtual or in-person sessions. If a student enjoys being part of a small group and learns more through self study, then a tutor that offers group classes might be the most beneficial. On the other hand, if a student needs more individualized attention or needs someone to keep them accountable, then it might be best to hire a private tutor for one-on-one sessions. Due to COVID, there are SAT tutors that offer sessions in person and online, so choosing the right teaching method for a student can impact their focus and retention of the material as well, is another important factor to keep in mind.

There can be a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when choosing an SAT tutor, but it can be a great way for students to excel at the SAT. You can visit Green Academics to learn more about us or you can contact with us.

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