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How will Green Academics Prepare Me for the ACT Science?

With private tutoring the ACT exam need not seem more difficult than your other academic endeavors. Over the better part of two decades in a career of one-on-one tutoring I have helped hundreds of students: understand the content and format of the ACT science and markedly increase their scores on it. If you are looking for online ACT science tutoring in San Mateo, CA, please Contact Green Academics to learn more about my teaching.

What is the ACT Science Section?

The ACT science, the last of the four main sections of the ACT, is actually not primarily a test of scientific knowledge. ACT science tutors will instead explain that the ACT science test evaluates your ability to read and process charts and graphs.

What's the Timing Format of the ACT Science Section?

The ACT science lasts 35 minutes and consists of either six or seven passages. All but one of the passages will contain charts and graphs.

How do I approach the ACT Science Passages that Have Charts and Graphs?

If any ACT science passage has charts and graphs (all but one ACT science passages normally does), you can skip the words and proceed directly to the first question. You will only need to look back at the words of these passages from the ACT science test if there is terminology you do not understand clearly.

How do I approach the ACT Science Passages that Have Only Words?

The best ACT science tutors will explain that you need to read these passages carefully and summarize them first.

ACT Science Tutoring

What's the Best Way to Learn the ACT Science?

Once you’ve done a few ACT science sections with an online ACT science tutor, you’ll see the common patterns of how the test is set up.

How Are the ACT Science Passages Written?

You will recognize, for example, that all except for one of the ACT science passages has charts and graphs. There will only be a single passage on the ACT science that consists of words only.

How do I Best Prepare for the ACT Science?

You may not enjoy chemistry or be extremely knowledgeable about earth science, but key tips from your tutor can make it so that within a short window of test prep, the science section no longer seems so strange.

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Do Students Need an ACT Science Tutor?

An online ACT science tutor can help high school students achieve the test scores they deserve. ACT science tutors teach students not only the test prep and test taking strategies demanded by the science portion of the exam, but will also understand students’ gaps on the ACT science test.

How Can ACT science Tutoring Students Help with the Science Section?

A private ACT science tutor will fill in what’ missing from science courses such as general chemistry.

How Will an ACT Science Tutor Expand My Knowledge for the ACT Science Section?

The best ACT science tutors’ private ACT science tutoring intersperses a practice test with the cell biology, general chemistry, computer science, and even AP chemistry needed to elevate to an excellent ACT science score.

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How Will I Progress on the ACT Science?

Over the course of a few tutoring sessions, test anxiety will ease, and math and science and reasoning skills and study skills will come together. The ACT science will become a manageable undertaking, its scientific information no longer daunting within a few weeks.

What Math Does the ACT Science Test Include?

ACT science tutors will explain that an ACT score demands students mainly be familiar with elementary math but that test day does not need an advanced level. An act science tutor will likely list pre-algebra, algebra II, geometry, and perhaps pre calculus, as among the courses to be taken throughout middle school and high school in order to find ACT science tutoring most efficient.

How Will a Test Prep Tutor Adjust Instruction for My Science Section?

Online tutors will adapt teaching style to individual students. Test prep in ACT science will generally not be extremely rigorous among standardized testing, students and be able to tell in an initial session

Where Will the ACT Science Take Me?

Most students experience tutoring as a key step to achieving their academic potential. They learn to fuse text evidence, data representation, and especially math, in order to make ACT science tutoring a positive step toward a bachelor’s degree at either a public or private school. The best ACT science tutor will steer you toward this outcome.

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ACT Science Tutors

I Plan to Go To Medical School. How will an Online ACT Science Tutor Help?

This Greek physician Hippocrates composed this poem in 386 BCE. As a medical tutor and physics tutor he taught his students to do no harm to any tutor. He suggested a double major and helped students with more cleverness than most other tutors.


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