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The PSAT introduces a student to the standardized tests test prep process that will culminate with the SAT during the following 12 months. As an expert private PSAT tutor with nearly two decades of tutoring experience, I provide private tutoring that helps students achieve their best PSAT score and then later their best SAT score.

My PSAT prep online tutoring recognizes that the individual student is unique, and I shape my teaching style in order to become just the right tutor for him or her. I bring 17 years of teaching and tutoring experience to our tutoring sessions, including many years as a tutor of advanced math including calculus and other subjects.

Many of my students begin the test prep tutoring process in the summer before 11th grade, so that they are ready for the PSAT test day in October. My private PSAT tutoring guides test takers through a detailed prep plan that covers specifics of the PSAT math, PSAT reading, and PSAT writing (grammar).

As a private PSAT tutor, I aim to have students improve both quickly and fundamentally. Many of my highly motivated students perform well enough to be candidates for PSAT NMSQT. SAT preparation and the SAT test logical follow afterwards–such as in December or March of 11th grade.

As a math tutor and math teacher myself for many years, I transition from PSAT tutor today to SAT tutoring tomorrow. As a language expert with a degree in linguistics, I also communicate the rules of grammar and patterns of vocabulary clearly throughout tutoring for each SAT program. If you are looking for private PSAT tutoring in San Mateo, CA, please Contact Green Academics to learn more about my teaching.

What is the PSAT?

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, administered by the College Board, is the first official standardized test many high school students will take. Most high school juniors in the country will sit for the PSAT on a single school day in October of junior year.

The PSAT critical reading test (first) and writing and language test (second) combine the reading skills and language arts experience the student developed during middle school and high school.

The math questions on the PSAT test similarly aggregate what students have learned up to and including the 11th grade school year, including some slightly more advanced math that may be required for those eventually seeking a bachelor’s degree in STEM.

Just like on the SAT, there is no penalty for incorrect answers, so students should not leave any questions blank. Hopefully, online PSAT training with a private tutor has taught the student such procedures since he or she began working on a prep plan.

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What about the PSAT 10 and PSAT 8/9 ?

These test names are versions of the PSAT given to students even earlier and on a range of dates instead of a single day. However, while tutors can prepare you for these and tutoring works equally well, these shorter versions do not qualify you for National Merit recognition or for college scholarships. They are therefore mainly just practice tests that have no bearing on college admissions.

Their questions are slightly easier than those on the normal (11th grade) PSAT. For example, the math section includes fewer of the difficult concepts from pre calculus.

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How is the PSAT scored?

All three versions of the PSAT calculate their scores by combining the results from the reading and writing section and the math portion. For the PSAT 8/9, the score range is 240-1440. The range for the PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT it is 320-1520. 

How do I compare a PSAT score to a score on the full SAT?

The uneven content of exams and different total scores make it difficult for tutors to provide a perfect comparison. However, an approximation can be seen on this link:

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What does the PSAT count for?

For the majority of students, the score does not matter for college admissions and simply counts as a practice test that will lead them to the SAT.

But for top students, an outstanding PSAT score will qualify you for some level of recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. (This is why the PSAT is referred to as the PSAT/NMSQT–the second acronym standing for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.)

In the first phase, some 50,000 out of 1,500,000 students receive recognition, based on an index that varies by state and from year to year.

From here, approximately 34,000 will receive commendation but proceed no further.

The remaining 16,000 will become semifinalists in the National Merit process.

Eventually, most of these semifinalists–15,000–will become finalists.

About half of the finalists–7,500–will receive scholarships, usually for $2,500.

Note that you must use the PSAT test from the second-to-last year of high school in order to qualify for the National Merit program. Therefore, expert PSAT tutors will advise you that even if you take the PSAT test in 10th grade you must normally take it again in 11th grade for it to count for the recognition that will help you.

Achieving such goals can make a crucial difference in impressing top colleges. I myself was a National Merit finalist, and this clearly helped me gain acceptance to Harvard University in early 2001.

You can read about the National Merit program here:

Can I arrange for a practice PSAT?

Absolutely! I offer proctored tests every Saturday morning at 9 AM. You can take one of these for a small flat fee with no further obligation. You will receive your results in PDF form marked with the correct answers and your score.

PSAT Tutoring Online in San Mateo
Online PSAT Tutoring

Will you prep me for the PSAT?

If you would like me to be your tutor and provide one-on-one PSAT coaching we should schedule a 30-minute consultation with your family. PSAT prep will be a significant commitment, but I am one of the best PSAT tutors, and the most committed to running my own business as a matter of personal pride, you can find. There are other online tutors, PSAT tutors, and expert tutors, but few Ivy League graduate SAT ACT tutors with decades of teaching experience who work in this field full time and will tutor you despite your busy schedule. I offer flexible scheduling options so please reach out to me for tutoring today. Let me work around your family’s schedule and prove that I am the right tutor for you.


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