I’ve been tutoring professionally since 2007, so many of my former students are now living full and productive adult lives. It’s humbling and rewarding to keep in touch and track their progress. Often I learn that they have finished advanced degrees and gone on to the rewarding careers. But what satisfies me most is seeing that they’ve found a healthy and happy balance as adults and that they look back fondly at our learning together.
In many instances I have instructed two, three, four, or even five siblings over the course of several years.


Billy—University of Notre Dame Class of 2026

Chris simplified the college process for me and helped me reach my academic goals. The SAT tutoring allowed me to reach my full potential and focus on what I needed to improve on to maximize my score. His advice and tutoring on college essays helped me write thoughtful and honest essays in an efficient way. After this process I was able to earn admission to four of my reach schools and I am extremely happy with my results.


T.—University of Chicago Class of 2026

Chris came recommended by a work colleague and we really appreciated his work with our son in the preparation of his admission essays. Chris’ diligence and dialogue with him helped crystalize the main messages our son wanted to convey, as well as ensuring our son had the discipline required to submit 20 applications on-time. Chris also supported choices of schools (we are not from the US, so understanding schools across safety-target-reach was very helpful) – he is pragmatic, realistic, and transparent, which our son appreciated a lot (and so did we). We couldn’t recommend more and have already provided unrequested referrals to other friends.

Our son has been approved in Engineering at a top 10 school in the US, his first choice, and we are glad for Chris’ support in this process.


Chase ChrestE

ChaseUC Berkeley Class of 2026

At the beginning of my application process, I was very unsure of my ability to channel all I had to offer through the UC application. My nervousness was immediately put at bay when I started working with Chris. He helped me turn the flurry of ideas in my head into clear, unique, and passionate compositions for the essay portion. I am certain that the essays Chris and I curated together are what set my application apart from the rest and got me into Berkeley, my top school. I thoroughly enjoyed his help and am forever grateful!

Duan Family

Christopher—Dartmouth Class of 2022

IsabellaStanford Class of 2022

Dear Chris, Thank you so much for the help and support you’ve given me these last almost two years! You made the entire process of standardized testing and essay-writing far less stressful. And honestly you are what enabled me to have such a confident presentation of myself to Stanford.

Benjamin and LawrenceUniversity of Pacific (Dental Advantage) Class of 2021.

“Chris, my twin brother and I always enjoyed our lessons. You kept our spirits up. You were witty and encouraging, and we’re thrilled with where you helped get us.”

CharlottePurdue College of Engineering Class of 2024

Laurina Sousa

LaurinaUC Berkeley Class of Class of 2019

I come from a non-traditional educational background, having gone directly to the US Air Force out of high school, only to stare down my UC undergraduate applications at the age of 29. Chris calmed my nerves in this entire process. He reassured me that my uniqueness had value. He got me talking about my achievements, made me feel proud, and helped me coalesce my thoughts into an essay that won me acceptance to Cal. I highly recommend Chris for anyone who struggles to put their thoughts to paper for a personal statement.

Rosenfield Family

IanTulane University Class of 2014

Chris…Finally, after over a year of weekly tutoring, I can’t thank you enough for all your help. From countless hours of reading passages, math problems, physics concepts, Spanish conjugations, even essay editing, and occasionally a game of “geosense” or two, being tutored by you was less a boring learning session and more a fun experience and privilege. If I was ever confused about anything, you would always be clear and concise in your explanation. My SAT scores improved by over 500 points; improvement due, in large part, to you and your steadfast guidance and instruction.

MichaelCase Western Reserve University Class of 2017

Alena Cave

AlenaUC Santa Barbara Class of 2017,

Candidate at California Northstate College of Medicine

Chris helped me take my SAT score (2012) from an 1850 to a 2020, and also helped me raise my Math II score from 590 to 780. Working with Chris not only helped me get in to my preferred undergraduate university, but also provided me with the study tools needed to succeed in my undergraduate and medical coursework. As a current medical student, I am able to look back and see how my study habits changed after working with Chris, and I am very grateful for having his help early in my educational journey.

Savoie Family

MColumbia Class of 2015, UCSF Medical Class of 2021

MikeUCLA Class of 2018

Chris Green is an excellent tutor that helped me not only prepare but succeed on the SAT and SAT II subject tests. After using his services my scores drastically improved, helping me get accepted to my dream school.

Mike Pascoe

MikeUC Berkeley Class of 2014

My work with Chris ran the gamut of SAT prep to college admissions assistance. Chris is hands-down one of the best, if not the best, tutors I’ve ever worked with. His methods and teaching style are incredibly effective – I raised my overall SAT score by over 150 points after working with him, and scored a perfect 800 on my SAT II Math exam. In terms of college admissions, his guidance and thoughtful feedback contributed greatly to my gaining admission to Columbia and UC Berkeley, among other colleges. Plus, he’s a great guy to boot! I can’t recommend Chris enough.

Peterson Family

Chris helped guide my four kids through the college test prep and essay writing processes. As anyone with four kids knows, each has different needs, and Chris rose to the challenge, accommodating different personalities and skill sets. He is strong all-around, but from our vantage point, his super strength is in math SAT/AP prep, as well as “putting-idea-to-paper” in essay writing. Chris played an important and beneficial role for our family in a process that can be laced with stress. Thank you Chris! – Mom
Screenshot 77

Boston University Class of 2016

Screenshot 78

Stanford Class of 2018

Screenshot 79

Boston College Class of 2020

Screenshot 80

Tufts University Class of 2021

Brock Cozad

BrockSouthern Methodist University Class of 2018: BBA in Business and minor in Philosophy. Working at Aon in commercial risk consulting and insurance brokerage.

I started working with Chris during the beginning of my junior year of high school in preparation for the SAT, and I have nothing but great things to say about Chris’s tutoring services and overall approach to academics. Preparing for the SAT is by no means a fun task, but meeting with Chris once a week was incredibly productive and he found ways to make it fun and entertaining in the process. Being two months into my first full-time job after graduating from SMU, I have tremendous gratitude for Chris’s support throughout the college admissions process, including his SAT prep and essay guidance, and I highly recommend his services to any student looking to put themselves in the best position possible when applying for college.

Dobson Family

Our sons appreciated the value of working with you to hone their mastery of the content of the ACT and SAT Subject Tests. You were the first instructor to communicate that there can be a vast difference between the SAT and the ACT for some students–and that certainly proved to be the case for our boys. Their test scores improved considerably after time spent in preparation with you. Thank you for readying our teens to perform at their peak in a highly competitive testing environment! -Angela Dobson

WillPepperdine University Class of 2017

ElliotUVA Class of 2018

DannyUVA Class of 2020

Andrew Peng

Chris, I’m pleased that Andrew is accepted by UC Berkeley. Although he works hard, he can’t reach his goals without your help. Thank you for all your patience and help. – Kitty

AndrewUC Berkeley Class of 2017

Chandless Family

AidanWashington and Lee University Class of 2019

KeevanDePauw University Class of 2021

Peter Whitney

PeterKings College Cambridge Class of 2013, 

PhD Candidate at NYU

Chris has a way of presenting concepts in ways that work for whoever he’s speaking to. His ability to empathize with me and use that empathy to help me better understand complex test questions helped me achieve far more than I would have imagined. The way he explained permutation problems still benefits me today in my graduate work in Biology, and I’ll often think back to our test prep sessions when I encounter new and difficult problems. I owe a lot to Chris for my academic success!

Chen Family

Chris, from the bottom of our heart, our family just could not thank you enough for the great mentorship and guidance with Kenneth and Valerie since 2010. – Stephanie Chen

ValerieUniversity of the Pacific Class of 2018

KennethSeattle Pacific University Class of 2021

Joseph Diller

JosephUniversity of Chicago Class of 2021

Chris, I cannot thank you enough for your help! Your energy and wisdom provided in our weekly sessions put me on a path destined for success in first nailing down the ACT, then the SAT Subject Tests, and later the application process. You gave me the confidence and friendship to feel right in at my ultimate destination: the University of Chicago. I can only express joy and gratitude for how things turned out due to my time with you…I truly had a wonderful time as your student, and I hope this service will reach out and impact more students just how you did with me!

Shen Family

My son and daughter really enjoyed the SAT/ACT preparation tutoring with Chris, I highly recommend Chris. -Dr. Zhenhai Shen

ChristineDuke University Class of 2015, UCSD Medical

Chris was instrumental to my success on the SAT and ACT in high school. He taught me concrete knowledge and test-taking strategies that significantly raised my scores. And he’s a funny guy to boot. Chris helped me gain the initial academic confidence that I have continued to build on years later. It really takes a village, and I’m grateful that Chris was part of mine!

EricUC Berkeley Class of 2022

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