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How Green Academics Will Help You

Christopher Green has been a full-time tutor for his entire career since graduating from Harvard University in 2005. He has always enjoyed and excelled at mathematics. He brings a passion for truly educating every student to his work on a daily basis. He understands that improved fundamental understanding of mathematics has value far beyond standardized testing itself–it will help students do better in school, in college, and be more engaged with numbers and data in their lives beyond. Chris has therefore developed and refined his own SAT prep materials over many years.

If you are looking online private SAT math tutors in San Mateo, California, please contact Green Academics for more information about my tutoring.

Private SAT Math Tutoring--Our Key Features 

Customized SAT test prep for each student’s ability level–whether scoring 450 or 750 on the SAT math section.

Focused instruction on the math concepts most likely to result in immediate score improvement on the SAT math section, from elementary math through pre calculus.

Systematic review of practice exam results, with focus on teaching math concepts most likely to appear again. Chris will make up questions on the spot to reinforce what you’re missing. He will prompt you in the right order and level of complexity that what he explains really makes sense and sticks in your mind.

About SAT Math Test Prep Exam:

The student’s capacity to think quantitatively, understand statistics and statistical information, and solve mathematical problems are all tested during the exam’s mathematics portion.

The math portion of the SAT is broken up into two parts, with the No Calculator lasting 25 minutes and the Calculator lasting 55 minutes.

There are 20 questions on the No Calculator and 38 questions on the Calculator.

In the mathematics component of the test, there are two different kinds of questions: multiple choice and grid-in.

Students must choose the appropriate response from a set of four possible responses to a multiple-choice question.

In grid-in questions, students are required to come up with their solutions to numerical problems.

SAT Math Tutor in San Mateo, CA
sat math tutoring

Test Scores:

  • The Math part is worth 800 points in total.

  • An accurate response to each of the SAT math’s 58 questions merits one point.

  • In the Math portion, there is no penalty for wrong answers.

Why Need SAT Math Tutor?

An SAT math tutor may assist you in reviewing the content that will be included on the exam and identifying your areas of strength and weakness in the subject. In addition, a tutor may provide feedback on your progress and give guidance on boosting your score via effective study plans and test-taking strategies.

How to Choose the Best Private SAT Math Tutors:

When selecting SAT math tutors, it is essential to take into account the following factors:

Inquire about the tutor's experience teaching SAT math

It is essential to choose a teacher who has previous expertise in instructing students on how to take the SAT math test. In addition, the instructor must be aware of the many kinds of questions that might appear on the exam and the appropriate technique for efficiently answering such questions.

Is the instructor aware of your learning style?

As was discussed previously, some students like to study more hands-on, while others do better when left alone to pursue their education. Therefore, it is essential to choose a math instructor who has a profound understanding of your preferred mode of learning for them to be able to modify their instructional strategies to meet your specific requirements.

Tutor’s success rate with students:

When searching for an SAT tutor, it is essential to make sure you inquire about the person’s overall success record with their students and sat math lessons. A reliable SAT mathematics tutor should be able to provide you with information on the average score rise of their students and how much they have improved.

Tutor's qualifications:

An outstanding education, including in mathematics and technical fields, typifies the best SAT math tutors. The tutor will have taught math with a sincere passion for several years.

Instructing style of tutor:

When looking for a tutor, it is essential to consider the instructor’s instruction method. While some students would rather have a more laid-back environment, others like a more conventional instruction style. Therefore, be careful to question the instructor about their instruction method to see whether it will benefit your particular educational requirements.


The price of a tutor might vary significantly based on their experience level and qualifications. Therefore, before you commit to working with a tutor, you should make it a point to inquire about the tuition price.

Online SAT Math Tutor:

Online tutoring has become a popular choice for individuals who want to study on their schedule. Therefore, examining the same aspects when selecting an online instructor is crucial as you would when selecting an in-person tutor. Additionally, you should also consider the following:

The instructor's availability:

When selecting an online tutor, it is essential to inquire about their availability. Some tutors are available for a set number of hours each week, while others provide limitless instruction.

The tutor's way of communication:

It is essential to choose an online instructor with an effective communication style. The instructor should be able to effectively explain subjects and answer your inquiries.

Feedback from the teacher:

When selecting an online tutor, you should inquire about their feedback policy. For example, some teachers offer comments after each session, while others provide daily or monthly feedback.

Regardless of the tutor you choose, inquire about their experience, qualifications, and teaching style. The tutor you choose might significantly impact your SAT math score.

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Why Choose Green Academics for SAT Math Tutoring:

We suggest Green Academics if you search for an online SAT math tutor.

  • Green Academics offers 16 years of experience as an SAT/ACT, Advanced Placement, and College Admissions private tutoring service.

  • Green Academics supported over 650 talented students one-on-one with their high school entrance tests, college application essays, and prospects.

  • Green Academics always provides a free 30-minute admissions and testing consultation.

  • Green Academics offers the experience and motivation to tailor its instruction to each student’s success.

Green Academics provides pupils with a one-of-a-kind service that aids in developing the necessary skills and confidence for academic success. Contact us now to find out how we can help you or your child improve their SAT math scores! Please contact us to find out more information about Green Academics, and thank you for your interest.


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