Why Hire an Expert?

Many people try to navigate the world of college admissions without the assistance of outside help. The process has become quite complicated and competitive over the years. Hiring a tutor to assist you with the process can give a student an extra edge in the process, and it can help make the process a lot less stressful for both student and parents.

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Why Hire a Tutor?

It’s never too early to begin SAT/ACT tutoring. The earlier you start, the better prepared a student will be when taking the test. Tutoring can also help with doing well on the PSATs which are taken in sophomore year of high school. These scores are a determining factor for the National Merit Scholarship program and other scholarships.

If a student decides to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, tutoring for the final AP exam for each course can be extremely beneficial. The credits from AP classes can not only provide some bonus credits for a student when they start college, but they show a prospective college that a student is qualified and capable of higher-level work. Tutors who specialize in AP Exam prep are very familiar with the specific format that these exams are written in, and they can prep a student with the necessary skills to navigate these exams successfully.

The same goes with SAT/ACT exams. There is a very specific format for the questions, and there are trends with the types of questions that will be asked on those exams. A tutor familiar with all of this can really help a student thrive. It’s always a travesty to see a student with a great GPA and all of the other outstanding characteristics that make up a successful college student be held back by less than stellar test scores. Hiring a tutor can give a student that extra boost to bring up the test scores enough to gain that competitive edge.

Why Hire an Advisor?

It’s never too early to hire a college admissions advisor. There are steps in early high school that students should be taking in order to be prepared for the college admissions process. A college admissions advisor is knowledgeable about what colleges are looking for from students. They can help students early on in high school to develop goals and meet certain milestones to keep on track.

As the student gets closer to the application deadline, an advisor can help keep a student on track with setting goals and timelines for getting tasks done. It’s best to start the process early and have a lot of things in place before the applications become live, which is typically around August 1 prior to senior year. The time from August 1 until school begins will fly by, and once school begins that senior year, students are incredibly busy and don’t have the amount of time to commit to the admissions process starting from the ground up at that point. It’s important to get a head start early. You can visit Green Academics to learn more about us or Contact us right now to know more about our teaching style.

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